The quest for longevity has been man′s endeavor since the dawn of mankind and to achieve this, ancient Indian seers formulated certain principles of living under the name Ayurveda. A man wishing to be healthy throughout his life has to be healthy every day as well.

To explain it in a simpler way, the human body can be compared to a house or a car which needs regular maintenance in a disciplined way. If a house is not cleaned for a day or for a number of days, it will start accumulating dust and other waste. If still no step is taken it will start deteriorating and then it will start falling. Just like that a human body needs regular maintenance. It stars getting damaged inside and slowly starts showing the symptoms outside too. So treatment is basically damage control and it takes a toll on our body. Prevention is always better than cure and regular maintenance in a disciplined way is the only key to this.

Also season changes have their own effect on our body. So do′s and don′ts are to be followed every day, every season, and throughout the year. That is how we can lessen the damages.


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