With limited space in today’s high-rise culture, indoor gardening is the perfect way to satisfy your gardening hobby. It has grown to be one of the loveliest way of decorating your house. It also makes excellent gift items.

It is easy to maintain, portable in nature and make great DIY projects for kids to learn.

  1. Terrarium Garden

Terrariums are usually closed glass containers containing soil and plants, and can be opened for maintenance to access the plants inside. However, terrariums can also be open to the atmosphere rather than being sealed. They are a popular hose decorative items. Closed terrariums create a unique environment for plant growth, the transparent glass allowing both heat and light to enter. The sealed container combined with the heat entering the terrarium allows for the creation of a small scale water cycle. This happens because moisture from both the soil and plants evaporates in the elevated temperatures inside the terrarium. This water vapour then condenses on the walls of the container, and eventually falls back to the plants and soil below. This contributes to creating an ideal environment for growing plants with constant supply of water preventing the plants from becoming over dry. In addition to this, the light that passes through the transparent material of the terrarium allows for the plants within to photosynthesize, an important aspect of plant growth.

The first terrarium was developed by botanist Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward in 1842. Ward had an interest in observing insect behaviour and accidentally left one of the jars unattended. A fern spore in the jar grew, germinated into a plant, and the terrarium was born.

Since then its popularity has grown among the gardeners who like to experiment or work on unique way of gardening.


  1. Indoor desert garden

Staying in a cold place? Missing the sun? What about getting the touch of desert inside your house? Yes, you can do that. You can always go for a miniature desert garden. Desert gardens can be strikingly beautiful when they are well-landscaped. To make a miniature desert garden all you need is sand, pebbles and a few cacti.


  1. Container garden

This is the most popular, easy and practiced indoor gardening. Container gardening or pot gardening is the practice of growing plants, including edible plants, exclusively in containers instead of planting them in the ground. Anything that can be used as a container with a system of water draining can be used. A bit of stylish effect to make it look good is always an advantage.

container-gardening1mystic-oasis-container-gardening-2Mystic Oasis container gardening 5.jpgmystic-oasis-container-gardening-3

  1. wire frame garden

How about a wire frame effect to your container gardening? It gives a certain kind of character and personality or identity to your garden. The advantage is that you can give it any kind of shape that you want and like. If you are going to grow plants that need support this is the simplest way to do it.


  1. Bottle garden

Bottle gardens are commonly used as a form of decoration, or as a substitute garden in areas with little space, such as patios or high rise apartments. Being easy to create and maintain, bottle gardens are independent miniature eco-systems within the confines of a house. However, bottle gardens have also been used for vegetable production in dryland areas and areas with a shortage of water, allowing water to be conserved for other uses.

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