Double crusted pie filled with warm cinnamon apples and pears. This delicious apple pear pie is the perfect dessert for fall.


Just a few more days until Thanksgiving! I’m soo not prepared for it. You would think I’ve learned to start early from all those previous years, but nope. I apparently haven’t learned a thing because I’m still in the planning stage.

I have a general idea of what will end up on the final menu, but since I’m not going grocery shopping until Wednesday morning, I’m sort of still deciding what dishes will make an appearance on our Thanksgiving table.

The only thing I’m positive I’ll be making is this apple pear pie. My perfectly imperfect pie.

A double crusted pie filled with apples, pears, ground cinnamon, vanilla extract, ground nutmeg, and ground cloves. It’s warm, delicious, easy to make, and just perfect for fall.

Plus, if you make the apple pear cider I shared a few days ago, you’re seriously all set for impressing your guests later this week. And if you really want to party, my sister added a little bit of alcohol into her cider too and recommends it.


The best thing about these pies is that you can make them the day before. The flavors are even better the next day. And if you like your pies warm like I do, you can always reheat the pie before serving them to your guests.

Apples, pears, cinnamon spices, and everything nice. You won’t want to leave your kitchen while this pie is baking.

You’ll also want to keep this twist to the classic apple pie all to yourself.


To save time, you can just pie crusts from the store, or you can make your favorite homemade pie crusts from scratch beforehand.

Anything to make Thanksgiving Day easier, right?

And if you like, you can buy pie crust cutters too. I bought some last year during a sale and put them to good use this year!

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