Baking is a love that runs in my family and I love to invite my mom over so we can bake together.  I can always count on a lot of laughs and great memories made in the kitchen and it’s such a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day together.  With this recipe, plan to double up and bake a little extra so there’s a delicious treat to enjoy right away and an extra loaf to send your mom home with to enjoy later.

Jinn in a bottle 2.jpg

While your yeast is proofing, get your ingredients measured and ready to go.

Jinn in a bottle 3.jpg

You’ll warm the orange juice and butter until about 110 degrees F.

Jinn in a bottle 4.jpg

Once your yeast has proofed, start adding your dry ingredients.

Jinn in a bottel5.jpg

The sugar up next.

Jinn in a bottle 6.jpg

Slowly add your warm orange juice and butter mixture.

Jinn in a bottle 7.jpg

Add in your eggs.

Jinn in a bottle 8.jpg

Add the rest of your flour to make a dough.

Jinn in a bottle 9.jpg

Gently stir in your grated apples.

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